New World Order

by Depravity

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released December 21, 2016

Mixed and mastered by BurningTones
Music by Exile
Electric and bass guitar recorded by Exile
All vocals by Exile (screams by Rlyeh)

I wish to send my regards to following people for help: Tito Vespasiani, Adam Ziółkowski, Damian Przybylski and Marcin Budaj from Rockasta, Piotr Hauzer from Calm Hatchery, Roger Kochelak, Mikołaj "Rlyeh" Naklicki from T.S.M.E.D, Peter from Nex, and many more...



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Depravity Poland

Depravity is a technical black/death metal act hailing from Poland.
The band has recently completed its lineup and is preparing itself for upcoming crusade.

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Track Name: No Redemption
When the bells tolled for the last time
I started to hunt for my prey
In streams of bloody rain
Flooding your fucking carcass
With our hymn on my lips
The last thing which you will hear
Is my evangelion

No hope
No redemption
No eternal life

Lord with me, not with you
Blessed be my machete
Your grief and sorrow, Naivety
with which you trust me
Miserable sheeps
My brilliant slaves
You will be slowly dying in torment
As long as you will stop
Believing in my empty words
The last thing which you will hear
Is my evangelion

You may think that you’re the one
“Believe me, you’re one of the many
We’re just parts of one big machine
All we have is hope and faith that we’ll be safe”
Rebellion is in our blood, fucking strike them down
“Hell no, why would you do that? You’re a
Psychopath, get lost, be mad somewhere else!”
-Exile guitar solo-
Fuck your manipulated brain
I prefer to be a psychopath
Than a marionette
In someone’s hands
The ultimate source of growth
Is free, independent
Thought, untouched by others
SLAVE!! Your fate is sealed
SLAVE!! You won’t stop being a
SLAVE!! You don’t need your brain
Track Name: Peace Is A Lie
What in the world you think you are? Some kind of savior of mankind?
I'm laughing in your face, you disgust me so much
Respect is not given, but it is earned
You deserve nothing from me

Silence makes me content
As I cannot stand your propaganda
darkness has blinded our sight
our senses are already dead
enlighten us...

Poisonous blade has striken your mind
Chances of saving you are reduced to zero

Hopeless and poisoned, alone
Helpless, some sort of cannon fodder
Thrown into dust of life, which devours
slowly and painfully

But I'm not dead yet!

Going blindfold, yet with consequence
Against the flow of time, against the flow of mind
I'm not in peace, my fury is eternal
My willpower's absolute and hunger's everlasting
The darkness is tame,
to conquer all that has devoured me...


I'm not in peace, my fury is eternal
My willpower's absolute and hunger's everlasting

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
Track Name: Mortification
I want to know
how to free myself from shadows
of the weak sides of mind
We are fed with indoctrination
in every side of our lives
for eternity, then we blindly follow them
to our death!
everything is done for the sake of profit
why pay when you can manipulate?

Let's cut the rope
of limitations
which rot in our minds
and plague the Earth
To change our reality (we have to)
use diffirent words
lies are omnipresent
as we speak

And you still go
one after another
only to your painful death
You know this, why do you still stand in the same place?
Why defend this reason of your sadness, why won't you kill it?
It's because you're a victim of mental slavery...

-Marcin Budaj solo-

Modern age slavery is born from indoctrination
Where is it going? It's not hard to guess... to ruination
Tell me please, how does it feel to cheat yourself,
that you're free, when you think like the others do?

You follow a path of self-destrucion
Your toxic vision spreads around like a virus
This disease creates modern era zombies
They're alive, but their spirit is mortified